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Hoping to help you save £1000+ on your groceries this year

On average, a family of 4 will spend £5600+ this year on groceries and prices are only going up. helps you save as much as 30% on your weekly grocery run by:

Sending you live discount alerts as soon as a price changesComparing grocery prices across 14+ storesOrganising your shopping list by where's cheapest

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Created by a small team of volunteers

We created to be a source of hope for all who are feeling the weight of the cost of living crisis. We're aiming to one day help every family in the UK save. is powered by sponsors and will always be free to use. Since launching in June last year, we're proud to say that has:

Helped 3m+ families compare groceries
Helps 500,000 people save on groceries monthly
Worked with UK's news outlets to highlight rising prices
Appeared on ITV's This Morning with Phillip Schofield!

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"Fantastic tool to help with budgeting your shopping, recommend everyone to use 😁" Vann
"The very best price comparison website for seeking cheapest products in supermarkets i’ve ever seen it’s so handy and a pleasure to use to make savings whilst out there shopping." Yodaspirit45 (iOS)
"I've personally saved a small fortune by looking at your App for my favourite items and your emails telling me about price changes are a godsend! Bravo Trolley 👏" Lou
"It has saved me money already! Very easy to set up the list(s) of favourites and a good coverage of supermarkets and other shops like Superdrug or Wilko. Best feature for me so far is the notification option so I can see when offers start & finish. Very impressed!" Paul (iOS)
"Excellent site, gives users necessary pricing info in these times of crisis. The soaring cost of living needs sites like this to keep us well informed and to stay ahead of wasting money on essentials like food. It stops Supermarkets making excessive profits by luring shoppers in with loss leaders and then spending a fortune on tempting over priced products. Long live comparison sites, money is tight and current price rises out of control." Peter
"A great solution for navigating the seductive offers and sneaky pricing from the big Supermarkets" Tim Hall
"Great app- amazing the price difference for exactly the same item from different supermarkets. Love how you can set up alerts for items too, so that you can benefit from those price cuts and offers" LoobieB (iOS)
"Fabulous app use it all the time in sourcing the cheapest product, it's the only way to shop these days!! Thank you 👏👏" Helen

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Let's make shopping affordable again

Milk: Up. Oil: Up. Beans: Up. The list goes on and on.

As energy prices continue to increase, manufacturers and retailers' costs continue to increase too. Unfortunately, their rising costs are almost always passed on to the consumer. To you.

It's why we created – to help make feeding your family affordable again.

Big corporations aren't the only ones who've had to pay more for fuel, gas, or electric. The only difference is that they're not the ones who are forced to make sacrifices just to get by.

We're four volunteers from Birmingham who were tired of rising prices and so we made a free grocery comparison app with the sole focus of saving you money. We don't make or take a single penny from you comparing and only require sponsorships to cover licensing fees.

In just a single year, we've helped over 3 million people save as much as 30% on their groceries by comparing prices at UK's biggest supermarkets and stores. For a family of four, that's almost £1,100 that could be used somewhere else.

We'd really love for you to give it a try! 💜

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