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Trolley.co.uk helps over a million UK homes save on their groceries every month. It's our mission and we're dedicated to shaping a happier future for grocery shoppers.

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"I can see at a glance how much a product is and where to buy from. It watches prices and lets me know when they change. In fact it seems to do everything but shop for me."

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One million shoppers use Trolley to save every month

"I'm finding this app vital for helping me plan where to make savings. Being able to compare prices at a glance is a godsend."

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Helping families save as much as £1800 yearly

"Really helps me stay organised (always having a list ready in my phone in case I’m near the store that is currently selling what I want cheapest). Invaluable."

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"I always check prices on this App before going shopping. A real money saver."

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"I Iove this website It has saved me a considerable amount of money. I wish I had known about well before I did. It's absolutely fantastic!"

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"The very best price comparison website for seeking cheapest products in supermarkets i’ve ever seen it’s so handy and a pleasure to use to make savings whilst out there shopping."

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Trolley's supported over six million homes so far

"So handy to compare prices and get alerts when my favourites go down and up. Saved so much money using this app and would be lost without it."

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"Outstanding!! These folks know how to make a clear, concise and very helpful app, well done."

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"This app has helped me see price differences with other stores and helped me save a lot of money so great full to have been introduced to this app!"

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Real-time pricing information is required for shoppers to compare prices. Costs arise when gathering, sorting, and maintaining this data for over 2.4 million price comparisons across 160,000 products every month.


Licensing is needed when displaying certain aspects of groceries on Trolley.co.uk. For example, product images belong to the companies that had taken these and require an annual license to use.


From 3,000 people a day since this time last year, Trolley now helps over 1 million shoppers save every month. To keep Trolley usable, technology within Trolley's infrastructure have to be regularly maintained and often upgraded.


Our dream is to help every home across the UK save on groceries. To do so, shoppers first have to be aware that they can. Currently, Trolley relies on word-of-mouth to reach struggling families and individuals.


We're always looking to introduce new ways to help shoppers save and research and development is where a lot of resources go towards.

Here's a few things that we're currently working on:

– Smart Shopping Lists
– Behaviour-based Savings Suggestions
– Own-brand Alternatives Finder

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