It's faster, smarter, and clearer – Welcome to the new Trolley experience! Currently still in BETA, help us improve by clicking to report any issues.

Help us improve

With the launch of the new, there are lots of exciting new features and changes that we hope will improve your experience.

Although we're hoping it isn't the case, it's possible that there'll be errors that the four of us will have missed.

If you happen to spot one, please help us improve by letting us know what they are and where you found them below.

Reports so far

Forget Password Bug

Forget Password is not working as intended.

Saved Store Filters

Feature request that saves store filters for every search.

Search Redirects Bug

Search terms like 'Buckfast' perform too many redirects and crash the search.

Lists - All Items Feature Request

Feature request to be able to view all groceries within a Shopping List without being grouped by stores.

Group By Store Bug

Groceries are being incorrectly grouped when using Group By Store view.

Reset Password Bug

Password reset isn't working within the new experience.

Delete List Item Bug

Items aren't deleting from shopping lists.

New Trolley Experience Intro Bug

Introduction to the new experience keeps appearing even after closed.

Online Only Bug

Prices incorrectly displayed Online Only when Near You filter isn't activated.