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How do you generate revenue? is dedicated to helping shoppers save: no matter who they are, what they do, or the background they may come from. To be able to do this, we're required to generate a level of revenue to sustain our services.

Above all, we want to help shoppers discover products and save on their groceries. As part of this, we will never charge you to use and will always aim to be as transparent as we can.

Here's our revenue journey so far:

– May 2020
At this moment in time, we don't generate any revenue and are running on donations. In future, we may generate revenue from using alternative methods.

– January 2022
To fund development, we're currently generating revenue with Google AdSense between pages within the search results. is free to use and will always continue to be. We do not have an affiliate or commission scheme agreed with any of the supermarkets or stores that are listed on and do not generate revenue by recommending products.

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