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Ben & Jerry's
Cookie Dough Ice Cream
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£2.50 £4.75 
£0.54 per 100ml
3 FOR £10
£0.65 per 100ml
£3.50 £4.50 
£0.75 per 100ml
£4.50 £3.50 
£0.97 per 100ml
£1.02 per 100ml
£1.03 per 100ml
£1.03 per 100ml
£1.03 per 100ml
£1.06 per 100ml
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1,027 reviews from 9 shops

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  • Big delicious chunks of chocolate-chip cookie dough surrounded by creamy vanilla ice cream.
  • It seems like such a no-brainer today, but in 1984 it was revolutionary.
  • The folks at the Scoop Shop immediately went to work mixing up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • It was an instant hit.
  • When we decided to sell it in tubs, we had to figure out how to get that familiar cookie-dough taste, consist