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Rose Super Cool Colour

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  • Transforms bleached blonde hair to a pastel pink colour
  • One bottle is suitable for short hair or colouring freshly bleached and toned roots
  • For shoulder length hair two bottles are needed
  • For long hair below shoulders three to four bottles are needed
  • If hair is very thick add an extra bottle
  • Always do a Strand & Skin Sensitivity Test
  • Read instructions provided with product
  • Apply to bleached and toned blonde hair or very light blonde hair
  • Maintain colour with toning shampoo and conditioner
  • Lasts 1-3 washes


360 reviews from 3 shops
"This is an absolute life saver! I love the colour I've ended up with since the combination of ginger and pink dye made a lovely sunset"
"Very very disappointed as I was delighted to see it was vegan but guess I'll have to keep looking to find a good quality vegan dye"
"I have to say I was excited to get my hair dyed pink so this was super disappointing"
"I love this rose colour as it made my hair look super bright and fun looking"

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