Perineal Spray Bottle

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  • Developed Perineal Bottle to help with washing and cleansing intimate areas postpartum
  • Fill bottle with luke warm water and ensure cap is closed securely
  • Turn bottle upside down and while seated on the toilet, gently squeeze bottle to release water
  • Rinse for as long as necessary and pat yourself dry with tissue or towel
  • Wash after use, ensure bottle is completely dry and store in clean and dry environment
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For external use only
  • Avoid contact between spray head and skin for hygiene reasons
  • Use caution when applying water to haemorrhoids
  • Clean and sanitise spray head regularly


52 reviews from 1 shop
"I found this super useful post birth for easing pain after stitches and keeping the area clean"
"This is definitely a must have for postpartum and really helped and made easier to clean"
"This is so useful and definitely a necessity for after birth"
"I found this very useful and would recommend it to any new mum"

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