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GilletteSeries Sensitive Shave Foam

Gillette Series Sensitive Shave Foam (250ml)

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£0.90 per 100ml
£1.00 per 100ml
£1.00 per 100ml
2 FOR £3
£2.99 £1.99
£1.20 per 100ml
£3.00 £2.00
£1.20 per 100ml
£1.20 per 100ml
2 FOR £4

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  • Shaving Foam with rich lather that helps protect the skin while shaving.
  • Lubricants provide a smooth glide.
  • Hydrates the hair for easy cutting.
  • Gillette Series Sensitive Shaving Foam delivers protection and a smooth shave.
  • Go easy on your sensitive skin with Gillette Series Sensitive Shaving Foam.
  • The formulation, with aloe, provides 3x protection for your shave.
  • The foam hydrates your hair for ea

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