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Mon Petit Cat Food Pouches Poultry
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£0.58 per 100g
£0.58 per 100g
£0.58 per 100g
£0.58 per 100g
£0.58 per 100g
£1.85 £2.60 
£0.62 per 100g
£0.63 per 100g
£2.10 £1.75 
£0.70 per 100g
£0.75 per 100g
2 FOR £3.50
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  • Complete pet food for adult cats.
  • You know your cat prefers to eat small meals several times throughout the day.
  • This is why GOURMET has created Mon Petit, a range of exquisite recipes specially developed in small portions for your cat to enjoy.
  • Fine cuts with beef, chicken, salmon and other exquisite flavours, in a delicious sauce for an excellent meal.
  • Thanks to the small 50g pouch, you can serv