Paris Magic Retouch Temporary Instant Grey Root Concealer Spray Dark Blonde Easy Application

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  • L'Oréal Magic Root Touch Up Dark Blonde 75ml is the world's number 1 root concealer brand*
  • Temporary, lightweight formula created for all hair types
  • Perfectly conceals grey hair and blends to match with your hair colour
  • Product lasts until washed out with shampoo
  • Only a small amount is required
  • Match your hair colour to one of 9 shades, ranging from Blonde, Brown to Black
  • Use Magic Retouch and Magic Retouch Precision Brush to cover grey hair
  • Use alongside Casting Creme Gloss, Excellence and Preference
  • Ideal for those in need of a quick fix between home colourings and salon appointments
  • Easy to carry around in your handbag and is also cabin approved


3,543 reviews from 10 shops
"I think it might be better for those with dark brown or black hair but even then the actual feel of is is horrid"
"This is perfect if you want or need to spread out how often you dye your hair but still want to have vibrant colour"
"This is brilliant for a quick fix in between hair appointments - the colour blended in really well and nobody noticed anything different"
"I think I will need to try a lighter colour as this colour didn't quite match but still helped make my roots less noticeable"

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