Smoked Paprika Jar

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  • Smoked Paprika is smoked in Spain over an oak wood fire to develop a rich & smoky flavour
  • Sustainable process begins right at the source, working directly with local farmers across over 40 countries to ensure ingredients are of the highest quality
  • Carefully selecting the best spots to grow herbs and spices around the world to guarantee intense flavours, vibrant colours and powerful aromas
  • Harvest, dry and pack each herb and spice into bespoke glass jar, with fresh-lock seal, to perfectly capture their delicate flavour, colour and aroma
  • Earthy, woody tones make it ideal for use in dishes such as paella, goulash, and chilli con carne
  • Can also be used to marinate chicken and fish
  • Produce of the EU.


39 reviews from 4 shops
"This is a sweeter Smoked Paprika that I've never found to taste bitter"
"This is great for adding flavour and colour to a lot of Eastern European and Spanish dishes"
"Love the Smokey taste of this just right for me"
"Love to sprinkle on top of poached eggs and avocados or tomatoes on toast"

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