Hairspray by Elnett for Flexible Hold & Shine

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£4.00 per 100ml
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Good to know

  • Elnett is L Or al Paris most iconic brand used by the finest stylists.
  • Styling women for generations, the gold can has always been at the heart of great style.
  • Achieve your desired hairstyle with Elnett Normal Hold Hairspray.
  • The micro diffuser hairspray sprays fine and gives natural hair movement and shine.
  • No stiffness, stickiness, or visible residue.
  • Protects your style against humidity and gives up to 24H normal hold.
  • Disappears at the stroke of a brush leaving hair feeling clean and ready to restyle.
  • Up to 24H flexible hold.
  • Gives extra strong hold with natural looking shine.
  • Remove security tab and spray hair in short bursts from 30cm away.


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