Preference Les Blondissimes 01 Lightest Natural Blonde Hair Dye Prague 01

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  • Permanent, fade-defying luminous hair colour
  • Translucent gel technology and shine oil give ultimate luminous colour full of reflects
  • Shine protect conditioner enriched with UV filter and Vitamin E derivative to preserve shine of coloured hair for up to 8 weeks
  • Shine Oil enriched with precious flower oils to intensify natural tones of hair colour
  • Infused with sensorial fragrance for improved experience at application
  • 48-hour patch test recommended
  • Over 50 years of creating at home hair colour
  • Fade defying- multi-tonal colour result
  • Iconic 'You're Worth It' tagline
  • Lustrous day-1 colour and shine


3,151 reviews from 4 shops
"Love the fact that the colourant was a liquid not a cream easier for my arthritic fingers to decant without having to squeeze a tube"
"Love this hair dye as it provided me with a luscious luminous vibrant colour whilst being gentle on my hair"
"I think the colour is of great quality and like that you get a large sized conditioner included"
"This is a great product my hair feels soft shiny and nourished although it don't think it made any difference in my hair colour"

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