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MethodWild Lavender 39 washes 1.56litre
1.56 Litre

Method Wild Lavender 39 washes 1.56litre (1.56 Litre)

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£0.43 per 100ml
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£0.64 per 100ml

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  • Five naturally derived powerful enzymes wrangle dirt + stains clean away.
  • Leaving laundry smelling of heaven and looking its sunday best.
  • Powerful stain shifter,Plant-based stain fighting,Smartclean technology,Dermatologically tested,Certified cruelty free.
  • For a detailed what's what, go to methodproducts.
  • We have more laundry, cleaning + hand soap at methodproducts.
  • Get a load of this.
  • Worth taki

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