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Mr MuscleMax Gel Unblocker
1 Litre

Mr Muscle Max Gel Unblocker (1 Litre)

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£0.30 per 100ml
£0.35 per 100ml
£0.35 per 100ml
£0.35 per 100ml
£0.35 per 100ml
£0.45 per 100ml
£0.55 per 100ml

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  • Sink power unblocker to destroy the toughest clogs in your drain, Blocked drain cleaner for dissolving clogs caused by debris in sinks, plugholes and pipes, 3x more effective than bleach as a pipe unblocker based on hair removal in laboratory testing, Cuts through standing water to unblock plugholes, Mr Muscle drain unblocker is safe for use on all types of pipe.
  • Mr Muscle® Power Gel Drain Unblock

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