Nad's Natural Strip Kit 32 strips

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  • Nad's Natural Wax Strips are made with gentle and vegan ingredients
  • The kit includes 3 different sizes of wax strips for body, face and bikini
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Ensure skin is clean, dry and free of oils and moisturisers before use
  • Rub strips between palms to warm wax
  • Apply strip with firm pressure and firmly smooth over 3-4 times in direction of hair growth
  • Hold skin taut with one hand and quickly pull strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth
  • Remove any residue with Nad's Post Calming Oil
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Not suitable for face, underarm, breast nipple, scalp, perianal or genital areas


25 reviews from 3 shops
"This is a great product all though if you you have sensitive skin it's probably not the best thing to use"
"I love how to kit came with 32 strips in 3 different sizes"
"These strips come in a variety of sizes so they are perfect for at home diy waxing"
"I would definitely let your hair grow longer than you usually wax it as it's much easy to use if hair is long"

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