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Tipp-ExRapid Correction Fluid

Tipp-Ex Rapid Correction Fluid (1 x 20ml)

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£8.45 per 100ml
£10.00 per 100ml
£11.45 per 100ml
£11.75 per 100ml
£15.00 per 100ml
£15.00 per 100ml

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  • Convenient foam applicator for clean accurate corrections.
  • Tipp-Ex Rapid is a premium correction fluid for eliminating errors with excellent solid coverage.
  • This pack with 1 bottle (20 ml) of solid white fluid is ample for correcting all your mistakes.
  • This top-quality white liquid offers superior solid coverage and glides on effortlessly.
  • Save time with this formula that dries in an instant on al

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