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Blog > Revealed: The Cheapest Supermarket To Buy Christmas Dinner In 2021

Revealed: The Cheapest Supermarket To Buy Christmas Dinner In 2021

By Saeed Ibrahim – 25th November 2021
  • Comparing Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons & 3 more supermarkets
  • Prices compared for Turkey Crowns, Sprouts, Yorkshire Puddings and more
  • The cheapest supermarket feeds a family of 5 for £20.84

Source: Pexels

It’s that time of year, when the air is a little more magical, when families are snuggled up at home in their cosiest woolly socks, and Home Alone re-runs are on around the clock.

As the days grow colder and the gift *hints* grow bolder, there’s one thing that's on all of our minds - Christmas.

With that in mind, I decided to compare all some of UK's largest supermarkets to answer one thing and one thing only: Which supermarket is cheapest to buy Christmas Dinner?

Your average Christmas Dinner

To answer that, I had to first find out the most popular items that feature the most during festivities. After talking to Trolley.co.uk users, I gathered a list of the 9 things almost every Christmas Dinner table has to have:
  • Turkey Crown (Serve 5 or more)
  • Pigs In Blankets (12x or more per packet)
  • Honey Roasted Parsnips
  • Brussells Sprouts (Fresh, 500g or more per packet)
  • Carrots (Fresh, 1kg or more per packet)
  • Potatoes for Mash (Maris Piper - 1kg or more per packet)
  • Yorkshire Pudding (12x or more per packet)
  • Roast Potatoes (700g or more per packet)
  • Gravy (Beef or Meat)

Who came out cheapest

Using Trolley.co.uk, the new Supermarket Price Comparison service, I compared a mixture of 60+ own-brand and branded items (whichever was cheapest) across all of the supermarkets.

Here's an example of how Trolley.co.uk looks:

After comparing each item, I made a shopping list for each store and found the cheapest vs the most expensive Christmas dinner (a whopping £42.70).

Here’s how the supermarkets compared:

Waitrose - £42.70
Iceland - £25.08
Asda - £24.95
Morrisons - £24.38
Sainsbury’s - £22.70
Tesco - £21.10
Aldi - £20.84 (Cheapest)

Winner: Aldi

I think none of us were really surprised there by that, were we? Ranked by Which.com, Aldi has been rated as one of the cheapest supermarkets year-on-year for the past few years. As the cheapest, I'd like to think that Aldi is most definitely making it on to the nice list this year.

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