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Birds Eye
2 Crispy Chicken Grills in Tempura Batter
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£0.44 per 100g
£1.65 £1.50 
£0.49 per 100g
£0.49 per 100g
£0.53 per 100g
£0.53 per 100g
£0.59 per 100g
4 FOR £5
£0.59 per 100g
2 FOR £3
£0.62 per 100g
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  • The other 50% relates to the other tasty ingredients such as the coating.
  • Made from 100% chicken breast,No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Crispy grills formed from marinated chunks of chicken breast, coated in a light crispy batter, lightly fried.
  • Our Delicious Crispy Chicken will always be made from succulent 100% chicken breast & nothing more - great for empty plates and happy fa