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Cat Treat Biscuits with Cheese
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£2.00 per 100g
£2.08 per 100g
£2.08 per 100g
3 FOR £3
£2.08 per 100g
£2.15 per 100g
£1.29 £1.60 
£2.15 per 100g
£2.17 per 100g
£2.75 per 100g
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  • These dual textured cat treats are morsels of cat food, with a crunch and flavour that is irresistible to cats.
  • Dreamies cat biscuits are deliciously crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.
  • Your cat will enjoy the enticing taste of dual textured cat treats such as Beef, Cheese, Chicken and Salmon Dreamies.
  • Just like a healthy meal, Dreamies cat biscuits contain vitamins and minerals and no art