Optimum AAA Alkaline Batteries LR03

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  • Duracell Optimum has a cathode system that can deliver up to 100% Extra Life or Extra Power
  • Extra Life: Duracell Optimum AAA lasts longer in some devices like toys
  • Extra Power: Duracell Optimum AAA delivers more power than other Duracell Alkaline batteries in a wide range of devices
  • Optimum Performance meets Optimum Packaging: Duracell Optimum has an innovative book style pack with a door and an organiser tray inside
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable and 0% plastic
  • Duracell Optimum batteries are available in AA, AAA formats
  • Delivers extra life in AAA-size batteries compared to the Minimum Average Duration of the 2015 IEC toy test
  • Delivers Extra Power in the Spin Master Monster Jam Official Grave Digger Remote Control Monster Truck, 1:24 Scale, 2.4 GHz, Product Number 6047111/604495 vs. next best Duracell alkaline AA
  • Upgrade your device with Duracell Optimum AAA batteries for UP TO 100% EXTRA LIFE or EXTRA POWER
  • EXTRA LIFE = Duracell Optimum will last longer in some devices like toys


4,585 reviews from 8 shops
"These are brilliant and are still going strong with heavy daily use"
"These are fantastic great long lasting and durable great for my boys remote control cars and other toys"
"These batteries are amazing!! We used in a remote control car and the car is still going after a week! We would have needed to change by now"
"These have come in so handy! They seem to be lasting super well and have worked so well in my remote controls"

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