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Hydro 5 Skin Protection Men's Razor Blade Refills Regular

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  • Designed to protect skin against irritation
  • Five Ultra Glide blades and water-activated gel pools for a close, comfortable shave
  • Water activated gel pools hydrates throughout each shave, and help protect from irritation
  • Skin guards help smooth over the skin to prevent them from getting caught between the blades
  • Flip trimmer for precise trimming and to get into the hard-to-reach spots
  • Packaging made from more than 90% recycled paper and recyclable
  • Compatible with all Wilkinson Sword Hydro razors
  • Combines stylish practicality with game-changing innovation
  • Blade-making prowess stretches right back to the battlefields of old
  • Use with shaving gel or foam to soften the hairs for a smooth finish


1,844 reviews from 5 shops
"I think Wilkinson Sword still have a little further to go in that respect but still a great razor nevertheless"
"Very nice clean shave and the blades seem to stay sharp for a good length of time so very happy with purchase"
"This is an excellent razor giving a really smooth"
"Very impressed great razor will buy again happy with product close shave"

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