Pink Jasmine & Elderflower Toilet Block

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  • Domestos Aroma Lux Pink Jasmine & Elderflower Toilet Block contains essential oils that release a powerful scent
  • Made with essential oils, Domestos Aroma Lux toilet rim blocks help reduce odours and constantly emit a fragrant scent
  • Flush after flush, our toilet rim block releases a rich foam that helps to prevent limescale, remove dirt, and leave toilet bowls hygienically shiny
  • Premium floral fragrance of pink jasmine and elderflower allows your toilet to smell fresher for longer
  • Also available in White Rose & Tea Tree Oil
  • Packaging made with 100% recycled blister and cardboard
  • Domestos range of cleaning products includes multi-purpose wipes, thick bleach, and bleach sprays
  • Domestos bleach products can be used as multi-purpose cleaners all around your home, including as bathroom cleaners.


419 reviews from 3 shops
"These little balls of toilet disinfection from Domestos seem to be a great idea but after a few weeks"
"Very good product and excellent quality the smell is very good"
"I think if domestos found a way to make a more durable and long lasting holder that could be refilled with their toilet blocks"
"This product is really great! I really like the refreshing aroma of the tea tree"

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